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The Power of Giving Back!

The Hayden, Butler, and Lovett Foundation, Inc. congratulates the 2021-2022 recipients of the Hayden, Butler, and Lovett Endowed Scholarship at The University of Alabama for Alabama REACH.

Mariah Martin is going into her junior year as a Music Education major at UA. She wishes to become a music teacher in a k-12 public school, specifically helping students in underdeveloped schools who may not have access to music. Mariah plays the piccolo in the Million Dollar Band and the flute in concert ensembles. She says music is truly one of her favorite things in the world. In Mariah's spare time, she likes to take care of her apartment, cook new meals, and go hiking.

Mariyah Thomas is an upcoming Junior majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in General Business. She is from Houston, Texas and decided to come to UA because it has a great engineering program. When Mariyah graduates, she hopes to work in the plant industry. Mariyah said she desires to learn the chemical formulas and ingredients behind makeup and how to make it since that’s one of her hobbies.

Thanks to the Truist Foundation for its teammate matching support!

Congratulations again to Mariah and Mariyah!

About Alabama REACH: The mission of Alabama REACH is to empower current and former foster youth, orphans, emancipated minors, wards of the State, and homeless youth in a supportive environment that allows students the freedom to pursue higher education and successfully matriculate and graduate from college.

Alabama REACH is a threefold program, REACH Back (future students), REACH Up (current students), and REACH Out (community members), bridging high school to post secondary to community. REACH serves as a resource hub to help students access the needed services on campus as well as cultivate meaningful relationships off campus. REACH’s programmatic goal is to graduate individuals who will be successful personally and professionally.

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