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Nina Giddens - 87th Miss Xavier University of Louisiana

The Lovett Scholarship Program is excited for and proud of 2019 Lovett Scholarship recipient, Nina Giddens, who is the 87th Miss Xavier University of Louisiana. Below is her thank message.


A moment I envisioned nearly 3 years ago finally happened... I am so thankful to announce that I will be serving as the 87th Miss Xavier University of Louisiana! Thank you to my village that has consistently poured into me and pushed me to be the woman I am today. It is because of the wonderful community surrounding me and my XULA family that I am able to have this honor. I am one who represents so many wonderful Xavierites and I promise to make my community proud!💛

Fun fact: My campaign was inspired by Michelle Obama's book and Netflix documentary "Becoming." Thank you Mrs. Obama for serving as a role model for me and my mentor in my head. (lol!)

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