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Our Angel - Judge Willie Lovett, Jr. Intersection (Savannah, GA)

Thank you Representative Dr. Carl Gilliard for all you do for the Savannah area and Georgia as a whole!

We are appreciative to you and Representatives Ron Stephens and Edna Jackson for honoring Willie Lovett and his work with the Judge Willie Lovett Jr. intersection at Route 2 and Eisenhower in Savannah, Georgia (his hometown).

It was a blessing to be with family and friends Friday at one of our HBCUs, Savannah State University, for the ceremony and the luncheon.

The Savannah Police officers were amazing and kept the public safe as we unveiled this marker to uplift youth in Savannah and beyond to know they can achieve all with faith, hard-work, perseverance and respect for all.

Thanks to all who participated on the program including Willie's nieces and nephew who took the lead on the program, and President Cynthia Robinson Alexander (SSU President) and The Honorable Kesha Gibson-Carter (Alderwoman At-Large, Post 1 of the City of Savannah) for taking time to be present and bring remarks.

Judge Lisa Colbert, Robert James, and Cheryl Turner - you are amazing friends and your words were beautiful. Cousin Lawrence Bradley Sr. - You always bring sounds of joy in horn and speech.

Yesterday was an amazing day.

My favorite part of the day was the interaction with the students --

the 2022 Lovett Scholarship recipient, Aniyah Stevenson (2022 Valedictorian), joining us with her Alfred Ely Beach classmate who was Salutatorian of the 2022 Beach High School class and

SSU students coming to partake in the delicious meal.

We can only be as great as our next generations so we must include them in all positives to expose and guide them.

I will be eternally grateful for all of the Savannahians and those that traveled from out of town who supported.

We are not done yet in making sure our young people have all they need to be successful.

Thank you President Alexander for the open invitation to SSU. We will be back including bringing funds to an HBCU which happens to be the alma mater of my sisters-in-law.

I bleed crimson - The University of Alabama and Harvard Law School. However, my parents were HBCU graduates, and I know the importance HBCUs play in the privilege that I have.

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