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A Blessing and Honor to Support #ImpactThroughEducation

It's fully executed - my family's commitment to provide scholarships at Savannah State University (an HBCU and the alma mater of some of my sisters-in-law) for Alfred Ely Beach High School (the alma mater of Willie and many of my in-laws) graduates attending SSU.

*I guess I have to keep working hard with this wonderful funding opportunity. 🙂

People can clawback, but we can step up. This makes me feel better than a bag (and I love designer bags) and trips used to.

Now, I work with my family youth to help fund even with small amounts.

*I owe all to my parents and grandparents and other ancestors and family members, and home county - Choctaw County, Alabama - community for making this possible. Mrs. Heaton, Mr. Underwood, and Mrs. T. Johnson were my elementary and high school leaders who showed me leadership by their actions including common core goals can be implemented no matter what side of the isle or table we are on.

/s/ Seletha Butler

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